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Procopé & Hornborg Attorneys Ltd is specialised in business law, with decades of experience of delivering legal services. We provide our clients with quality services in Finland and abroad. We pursue to resolve legal challenges related to business operations by offering individualised and proactive services. Our advanced working methods help us to gain thorough insight into the challenges faced by our clients. We successfully advocate for each case that we handle.

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‘No jab, no job’ – Employer’s right to implement forced vaccination of staff

Some businesses worldwide are seeking so-called ‘no jab, no job’ contracts where an employer would be entitled to draw up …

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M&A: Corporate acquisitions – Remember these six tips

The successful completion of a corporate acquisition requires not only time and expertise but also effort and good advice. Petri …

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Recent activities


Procopé & Hornborg advises Likeit Group Oy and Nepton Group Oy and the Management in the merger into Likeit Nepton Group Oy and investment by Sponsor Capital Funds

Procopé & Hornborg advised Likeit Group Oy and Nepton Group Oy and their Management in the merger into Likeit Nepton …

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Procopé & Hornborg was established in 1919 when senior lawyers Lars Hornborg and Hjalmar Procopé joined forces. The founding partners were actively involved in politics and various fields of business life. They played an essential role in the early stages of the Finnish Bar Association while also contributing to legislation for the legal profession in Finland.

The firm expanded and had by the 1970s achieved an established status as the legal counsel for a number of major Finnish and international companies. Building on our history and traditions, we continue to provide high-quality services that meet the expectations of our clients amidst a constantly evolving business environment.

We invest in expertise.

Our operations are guided by integrity, commitment and advanced processes. These principles outline both our daily work and the long-term development of our firm.  We provide individualised services in the strictest of confidence.

Procopé & Hornborg provides a work community where people have opportunities to learn, thrive and achieve their full potential. We invest in the development of expertise and customer service. We educate our lawyers to become top experts who are highly versed not only in our own field but also the various branches represented by our clients. Our lawyers are equipped with the competence to successfully and independently recognise and resolve legal issues.

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