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Consumers to be informed about alternative dispute resolution


As of 9 January 2016, companies engaging in B to C business must inform consumers in a simple, clear and understandable manner about out-of-court dispute resolution procedures applicable to disputes between the company and the consumer on their websites and in their standard contracts. Consumers must also be provided with the address to the relevant dispute resolution entity’s webpage.

Depending on the industry, the dispute resolution entities may in Finland be the following: The Finnish Consumer Disputes Board (, the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau FINE (, and the Traffic Accident Board (

If the dispute resolution entity is the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must first contact the Local Register Offices’ Consumer Advisory Service ( Otherwise the Board may choose not to handle the matter.

Moreover, later this spring a new EU-wide Online Dispute Resolution -forum (“ODR-forum”) will be introduced for e-commerce, providing the possibility to solve disputes online. The ODR-forum is not a new dispute resolution entity, but a forum connecting consumers, companies, and local dispute resolution entities. The ODR-forum is available for both cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce within an EU member state. Companies active in e-commerce will be obliged to inform consumers about the ODR-forum.

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