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Identifying risks in M&A deals is vital


Experience helps manage risks in M&A transactions and avoid legal overthinking. Focusing on the essential brings many benefits to the client.

 “Clients rely on us not only to give them solid legal advice but also to understand their core business and the transaction’s business targets,” says Petri Kyllönen, Head of M&A at Procopé & Hornborg.

All projects are unique. Some companies prefer managing transactions by themselves, whereas many clients readily hand over the reins for example to a law firm, an investment bank, or an audit firm. Each of these fields of expertise is in any case required in larger transactions.

”Roles vary by client and the nature of each case. It is imperative that advisors involved in a transaction quickly adopt whichever role the client is looking for,” Kyllönen adds.

A flexible role suits law firms as every transaction requires legal expertise, a good eye for the game, patience, and negotiation skills. All of these are basic characteristic of a transaction lawyer. The most legally demanding matters are those that involve unexpected risks, especially when encountered in the fields of environmental and competition law, data security, and industrial rights. Particularly in large transactions issues relating to competition law may be very challenging, yet their recognition and management are paramount.

Some of Procopé & Hornborg's M&A team; Annamari Ala-Louko, Petri Kyllönen, Pia Tanskanen and Lars Hagmark

Experience is a gateway into the world of our clients

Having a project manager who has walked in the client’s shoes is an asset for any transaction. The key members of Procopé’s M&A team have solid international industrial background and experience. Kyllönen used to work as a legal counsel at a Finland-based global ICT company Tecnotree and as Head of Legal in a Nordic media group Nordic Morning.

A recent addition to the ranks of Procopé is Pia Tanskanen, who acted as Head of Legal of Finnish operations at the Swedish SSAB prior to joining the firm.

Experience from “the other side of the fence” helps with managing transactions.

”We are familiar with the steps and paths included in these processes and are able to consider relevant legal aspects, the underlying business logic, financing solutions and other financial issues as well as necessary changes in the corporate structure,” says Tanskanen.

International networks at the ready

The M&A team at Procopé has a versatile lineup of experts specialized for example in employment matters, corporate law, environmental issues, and IP law.

Cross-border transactions require having partners in each involved country. Procopé has established a global network of partners for this purpose over the years and through practical experience.

”The clock runs so fast these days that it is too late to start looking for partners when the transaction gets the go-ahead,” notes Kyllönen.

Focusing on the essential is crucially important

Procopé’s M&A team has acted as a legal advisor in many types of Finnish and international transactions. For example, the team has recently advised a Fortune 500 company Adecco, a Finnish listed company Viafin Service Oyj, and the owners of a family business who sold Väinö Korpinen Oy to the Swedish AddLife Development AB.

No matter the size of the transaction, it is crucially important to focus on the essential.

“Focusing on the issues that pose actual risks to the client is a definite must. This is where experience kicks in – it helps us to predict and assess these risks and avoid legal overthinking”, Tanskanen concludes.

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