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Season’s Greeting from the CEO


Dear Partners,

The spectrum of Christmas carols ranges from wistful, through eulogistic to joyous. These are also the different feelings of the past year of coronavirus. Disease and loneliness have brought sadness, and the tireless fight by the healthcare services has been deservedly appreciated. New vaccines, however, have brought a joyous air of expectancy.

Next to the global pandemic, legal issues seem like needless reflection. The pandemic has, however, affected our clients, the judicial system and naturally also our daily lives.

Our clients have had to adapt to unforeseen situations from one day to the next. Throughout the year, we have been seeking solutions for them together with our clients.

Positive development trends can also be sought from the discontinuity caused by the pandemic. On the side of contract law, our clients are now better prepared than ever to face abnormal situations. In order to manage risks, many have been increasingly geographically decentralizing their production, their subcontractors and their logistical flows.

The longer-term impacts of the pandemic will surely be evident over the coming years. For example, it will take a long time to get through the backlog of court cases. In the spirit of Christmas, it can also be anticipated that there will be an increase in the mediation of difficult cases, in order to be able to avoid court proceedings altogether.

The New Year will show how quickly vaccinations will help the world to recover from coronavirus. We do know, however, that legislators have been busy, and the year will bring changes to competition law, employment rights and redundancy legislation, among other things.

Our clients are facing changes on many fronts. Pandemics, the economic operating environment, legislation, digitalisation and international competition sometimes change radically, their combined effects can be unpredictable. In order for us to offer solutions to these changes, we are also continuing to develop and renew ourselves.

Strong expertise is a critical factor, be it a question of anticipating changes or adjusting to them after they have happened.

At least as important are trust and partnership. For these, I thank all our partners from the bottom of my heart. We cherish our modus operandi based on confidential partnership, so that it will continue to be easy for our clients to enter our inn, able to trust in our assistance. For us, partnership means sharing joys and concerns around the same table. It also means a spirit of Christmas-like solidarity throughout the year.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and confidence in the future,

Ismo Hentula

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