Corporate Advisory

Strategic legal solutions

We provide high-quality legal expertise in matters of contract and commercial law. Our aim is to provide strategically consistent legal solutions supporting our clients' businesses and growth, and to efficiently determine and avoid legal risks and problems.

We assist our clients in various matters relating to corporate law, commercial agreements, financing, capital markets, and environmental liability.

Extensive experience

We have extensive experience of corporate liability issues and corporate governance. We also create compliance programs to help clients develop and implement plans and procedures that comply with laws and regulations, as well as with ethical and liability requirements.

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  • Construction, Real Estate & Environment

    Legal advice in a wide variety of areas

    Our attorneys with extensive experience are able to offer legal advice in a wide variety of areas in public and private sector development and construction activity.

    Our advice to construction industry clients ranges from project development, contracts between private and public parties, finance, risk management or alternative dispute resolution to litigation. 

    Professional team

    Our attorneys are familiar with infrastructure projects and commercial projects, public works and use of land. We support our clients in drafting and negotiating contracts between private and public property owners and corporations and deal with industrial projects to help our clients in finding effective strategies and solutions to resolve issues unique to the construction industry. Our services include also PPP-projects.

    Environmental regulations

    As to environment, our mission is to help our clients to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, to avoid, minimize, and manage environmental crises, third-party claims, and risks of reputational damages as well as to protect our clients’ interests when their property or business is suffering from harmful incidents or activities by other parties. 

    We want to help our clients in achieving competitive advantages through sound practices for the benefit of their business and for the best of the only planet we have. 

    We advise clients on environmental and health and safety regulation, including permitting requirements, operational compliance, energy and carbon emission matters, investigations, and the management of pollution and contamination liabilities and remediation & compliance programs. We advise on potential or known environmental risks in transactions, financing and co-operation contracts. 

    It matters in use of land, zoning and construction to understand legal environmental questions relating to such projects.

    In administrative proceedings, court cases, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution – we provide the legal assistance.

    Changing operational environment

    Being experienced in dealing with various environmental issues is good - but it is not enough – and thus, we are also closely following new legislation, practice and trends – and want to share this knowhow for the future and benefit of our clients.

    Various clients

    Our clients consist of companies, owners, investors and financiers in the fields of energy, industry, and mining.  We advise also municipalities, constructors and property owners.

    For further information, please contact Ismo Hentula, Harriet Rydberg and Asta Siponen.

  • Corporate & Contract

    The flexibility of the legislation regulating limited liability companies in Finland offers a wide range of solutions for corporate issues. Our Corporate & Contract team navigates our clients through various matters relating to corporate and contract affairs, providing extensive legal expertise and efficient solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our dedicated team has a long-standing experience of board level and shareholder advisory, general meetings, legal risk management, corporate governance, compliance and corporate arrangements relating to M&A.

    For further information, please contact Ismo Hentula, Petri Kyllönen and Pia Tanskanen.

  • Employment & Benefits

    Extensive experience of employment law

    Skillful staff is an increasingly valuable asset for businesses in this rapidly developing world. Finding the right people for the right places, motivating and committing key persons, handling day-to-day HR matters, navigating through reorganisations and solving conflicts, among other things, bring companies constantly face to face with various aspects of both domestic and international employment law.

    Pragmatic solutions

    Our job is to help our clients find the best solution for each employment matter at hand. We regularly support employers in the whole playfield of employment law by, for example, drafting agreements, incentive schemes and other documents, managing national and cross-border restructurings, organising co-operation negotiations, dealing with inspections and supervisory procedures, and handling disputes. We believe in providing timely and practical advice to promote our clients’ business objectives.

    International networks

    Our Employment & Benefits team is part of the European Employment Group, a network of European experts. To meet our clients’ needs in today’s globalized world, we also have a wide network outside the EU area.

    For further information, please contact Tomi Haapman and Nora Hietanen.

  • General Commercial

    Commercial agreements are the cornerstone of business operations. Our experienced General Commercial team works closely with the firm’s other practices to provide seamless and comprehensive legal service to our clients. We regularly advise businesses in issues relating to sector-specific agreements and in commercial matters regarding purchase, supply, logistics, distribution, franchising and maintenance.

    For further information, please contact Ismo Hentula, Lotta Uusitalo and Ulla von Weissenberg.

  • Marketing & Consumer

    Marketing in its various and developing forms is at the heart of business. In today’s digital world, companies are able to reach their audience on a whole new scale with the help of, for example, behavioural advertising, branded content, and native ads. While there is a growing number of exciting developments in marketing tools and tactics, consumer marketing remains a regulated activity. Businesses are expected to master a multi-layer cocktail of national and EU legislation, case law, guidelines from authorities, industry self-regulation, and platform rules covering several legal areas such as marketing law, consumer rights, data protection, and e-privacy. 

    Our lawyers are well versed in the contours of consumer and marketing law and have a strong record in solving complex legal issues. We offer a full scale of assistance in marketing matters and regularly support clients in compliance reviews and supervisory inquiries.

    For further information, please contact Anna Liinamaa.

  • Public Private Partnership - PPP


    Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects mean usually that the private sector provides goods and services which are conventionally supplied by the public sector and gets paid during a long contract period by service fees that commence only after the constructed object is in use and operating. Since the 1990s until 2018, 1 749 PPPs worth a total of 336 billion euros have reached financial close in the EU. Most PPPs have been implemented in the field of transport, ahead of healthcare and education. Public-private partnerships create the opportunity to combine the competencies of multiple service providers and in best cases generate new solutions.


    In Finland the first ever PPP -project was E75 Järvenpää - Lahti motorway initiated in mid 1990s. Since then the model has developed further with a few other motorway projects. Hailuoto causeway is now the latest ongoing project at its very early stages. The tendering process to select a PPP service provider is estimated to start in late summer 2019 at earliest. The selected PPP service provider will be responsible for the planning, construction, financing and maintenance of the causeway during the contract period. 

    Municipalities and PPP

    Municipalities have also developed their model - slightly different from those initiated by the State of Finland. The first municipal project was in municipality of Espoo concerning Kuninkaantie high school and swimming pool -project. 

    The differences between state and municipal projects may become smaller as the Finnish tax laws have been amended quite recently so that similar tax benefits are available for PPP service providers in both state’s and municipalities’ projects.

    For further information, please contact Ismo Hentula and Asta Siponen.

  • Public Procurement

    Our experts assist clients in matters concerning all areas and process phases related to state aid and public procurements. Legal counselling pertaining to, for example, public competitions and procurement agreements is an important part of our services.

    For further information, please contact Asta Siponen and Lotta Uusitalo.

  • Regulatory & Governance

    We provide comprehensive regulatory and governance expertise to clients across all industry sectors. Our lawyers regularly advise clients on, for example, the impact of legislative changes and assist in adapting their business models and operations to changes in the regulatory environment. We also assist clients in creating, updating, and implementing compliance programs that meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Our aim is to support companies in their regulatory environment in a way that enables them to conduct, develop, and grow their businesses in a consistent and considered manner.

    For further information, please contact Ismo Hentula and Lotta Uusitalo.