Data protection,

IPR and Technology

Law and emerging technologies

We believe in combining legal expertise, dedication, and creativity – especially when operating at the intersection of law and emerging technologies. Businesses interfacing with disruptive applications and services are faced with the challenge of incorporating an understanding of legal requirements into their operations. Analyzing, managing, and mitigating legal risks are essential in leveraging the potential associated with, e.g., edge computing, robotics and autonomous systems, blockchain and other forms of distributed ledger technology, and machine learning.

Comprehensive services

Our team provides legal expertise in all matters relating to technology, data protection, and intellectual property rights. Our services include, for example, establishing effective licensing arrangements, preparing practical R&D and cooperation agreements, carrying out compliance reviews, privacy audits, and data protection impact assessments, advising on data protection roles, balancing tests, and cross-border data transfers, as well as assisting in responding to data security incidents. Our lawyers also regularly advise clients in trademark and design right matters and in the protection of business secrets. Through our network of patent professionals, we also assist clients in the prosecution and enforcement of patents.

Pragmatic solutions and strategies

We share your excitement about the evolving digital age and are constantly keeping ahead of new developments. With the knowledge and experience of our team, we are ready to skipper your company through the rolling waves of change and match your bits and bytes with pragmatic legal solutions and strategies.